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Item: color lecture handout flyer. (June 2004, San Diego County Eccl)

Title: What to Expect Before Jesus Returns – Clues from the Bible

Final Size: 5” x 8”

Uses: handout to friends, workers, etc.  Bulletin board notice, Newspaper stuffer or direct mail or doorknob stuffer.  (Not esp suitable for newspaper ad due to size (cost), color vs B&W grayscale, small text segments.

Cost: art & production: not known.  

Reproduction (copying/printing) cost:  $0.85 ea., 2-upon 8.5x11. After cutting to yield 2, cost is $0.43 ea.


Production.  Art work photo image (ancient Bible) is copyrighted photo.  Small quantity use was permitted in our case because graphic artist owned the library. Large scale or widespread use would entail a royalty fee.  This flyer could be redone using public domain photo of Bible & still be visually commanding flyer.  Future enhancement: In any redesign, I would want the smaller text (lower right segments) to be sized larger. And better centering of the 2-up originals for cutting.


Reproduction.  Original was a Acrobat PDF file.  Printed on Kinko printer with 600dpi; would have been better quality if 800-1200 dpi were available (but wasn’t at this time). Original was  2 up. Run on Xerox color copier;  requested setting for quality was “sharper”. 


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