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The Daily Readings site is the ongoing work of a small number of Christadelphians.

There are at least four contributions for every reading for every day of the year and most have many more. The aim of these comments is to provide a brief thought or a jumping off point for more serious meditation. It is hoped that our comments are suited to all age groups and all levels of spiritual development, when taken as a whole. Some represent short thoughts whilst others have potential for serious study.

If you wish to contribute to this site you must be a Christadelphian. You can send a contribution by filling in a form on the site. You must enter the name of your ecclesia and it will be checked that you really are a member there before your first thought is published. Everyone contributing must be prepared for their name, as a link to their email address, to be placed at the end of their contributions.
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Sponsored by the Christadelphian Bible Mission of the Americas (CBMA)
Problems, Questions or Comments: Contact Bro. Mike LeDuke - or by phone (519) 884-8917

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